How to Pick a Lawyer Who Wins

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Many people use lawyer referral services, lawyer reviews, lawyer directories and lawyer search sites to find a lawyer. This is one way to find a lawyer. I’ve got another way that you might find ends your lawsuit faster and brings you more money.

I find lawyers based on how much cash they win at trial for their clients – people like you. That is my main focus. To do this, I use some of the very same databases that lawyers themselves use to research their cases. But instead of using the database to research cases, I turn it around and use it to research which lawyers win the most money for their clients at trial. By doing this, I can find lawyers who handle all types of injuries like:

  • Car crash.
  • Truck crash.
  • Injury caused by a doctor or hospital.
  • Injury at birth.
  • Injury from a product.
  • Injury on the job.
  • Injury from slipping and falling.
  • Violation of your civil rights.
  • Sexual assault or harassment.
  • Physical assault or harassment.
  • Being fired from your job without cause.

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